Monday, 14 July 2014

Let's Make Minion Costume

Can hot glue as a rock every tomorrow, but I was kind of freaked out the sewing machine! Later, the extraordinary by Ummo Stacy Stacy comes to help tailoring trousers, p. 7. Now, it is my job, says that to measure pants! I made my pants and also seatbelts for the surface of overalls sewn.

I first saw this great idea for something homemade diy minion costume in place.

2 rolls of 1 inch foam (I had 2 maids 2 rolls)

Shiny yellow spray paint

Bright purple spray paint (Cole wanted to go ... the evil servant figure)

1 package black shine (middle cut)

1 Purple feather BOA

2 pkgs Velcro tape (self-adhesive-but still hot glued down)

Hot glue

1 bag of hot glue sticks (I have close to 40 or 50 small sticks)

1 carton (carton of Oatmeal-works perfectly) round container

2 pieces of black felt


Sewing machine

Polar blue 3 m

1/2 pages of yellow feather

1/2 page-purple feather

1/2 page black fur

Wrap foam, each child to see how many you need. Thank you Rick and Tin mine was a little difficult to spray glue.

I ended up with hot glue Velcro to the foam to ensure that he stayed in (the place is not very good for keeping the sticker). I have a circle of pastry cutter cut armholes I.

Wakakak. Hot black circles glued to the bottom and then the G in the middle. I hot glued causes CK Thin Tee shirts.

Yellow minions black pipe cleaners I insert, then warm, twelve sticking out. I have a Purple-Purple minions feather BOA that I found at the dollar store and hot glued it down. Finally I cut a long strip of Black Fleece on the inside of the eye. I cut a long strip of Black wool, trim the entire head foam belt make sure the holes of the eye.

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